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Breakfast plate China blue with a fine gold rim

Porcelain plate with a filigree Chinese motif, free hand painted in blue, with a blue border and a thin gold border in 24 carat gold

Item number: 015/01
Color: blue | Gold rim
Dinner plate | Ø 23 cm

Product Information

Based on the desire to let the centuries-old tradition of porcelain craftsmanship live on, SOFINA porcelain is still made by hand in Selb, Bavaria. From the production of the molds to the underglaze painting, every step is carried out by hand by experienced artists.

SOFINA porcelain impresses not only with its extraordinary and contemporary designs, but also with the art of hand painting. The high quality standards of SOFINA porcelain for inimitable color intensity, longevity and uniqueness only allowed the choice of one technique: freehand painting in underglaze.

IMPORTANT: Porcelain with gold or platinum rims is not suitable for dishwashers.