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Porcelain factory

Sofina Porcelain Manufactory –
highest quality for fine moments

Based on the desire to let the centuries-old tradition of porcelain craftsmanship live on, SOFINA porcelain is still made by hand in Selb, Bavaria. From the production of the molds to the underglaze painting, every step is carried out by hand by experienced artists.

With their unique designs and luxurious finishes, in gold or platinum, the elegant accessories enrich every table and let you experience fine moments - handmade in Bavaria.

The Sofina porcelain factory – tradition for centuries

Craftsmanship in its most beautiful form

The manufacturing process follows the traditions and methods of the 18th century. From sketching and creating plaster models to casting the porcelain or molding on a wheel.

Production also includes embossing, initial baking, hand-made decorative painting and final baking at 1270 degrees to seal the porcelain and glaze.

The art of hand painting

SOFINA porcelain is made using underglaze painting; This time-consuming painting technique means that the painter applies the motifs freehand to the porcelain before glazing. This requires a special feel for color and years of experience, as the color and size will change in the final firing process.