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Crystal glass factory

Sofina crystal glass – brilliance in a polished form. Sofina offers
highest quality for fine moments

For centuries, porcelain and crystal glass have formed an unbeatable duo when it comes to stylish table and table decorations. The Sofina crystal glass collection not only complements the porcelain line, but also enables wonderful shadow plays thanks to the light refracted in the crystal. Whether transparent or colored, the crystal pieces, made entirely by hand, are exquisite objects that make everything around them shine.

A visit to the glass studio

Made by hand step by step

The Sofina crystal glass production begins in the glass studio with the turning of the wooden shapes.

In the next step, the glasses, vases or lanterns are either colored or processed in their crystal form directly by master glass refiners. Traditional craftsmanship plays a crucial role here...

Grinding, engraving and polishing

After the glass has been blown in, the piece is handed over to the glass grinder for bevelling; This step ensures the unique shape of the workpiece. In the final step, the engraving is used to apply the designs, which make the drinking glasses, carafes, vases and lanterns unmistakably unique. Some pieces are then given a gold or platinum edge