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SOFINA x Gmundner Ceramics

A meeting of craft traditions

In addition to porcelain and crystal, Sofinadesign is expanding its line to include ceramics. Again under the motto “Tradition from manufactories and genuine handcraft from Bavaria and Austria”. This motto is at the heart of the Sofina philosophy; paired with timeless design and high-quality finishes. This is how unique pieces are created whose lasting value lies in their special nature.

The new ceramic series Sofina “Pomegranate” combines the design of SOFINA with the rustic chic of Gmundner Keramik. The motif designed by SOFINA: a stylized pomegranate, which has always been the religious symbol of love, life and fertility.


The expansion of the porcelain series to include a ceramic line was based on the desire for the cooperating company to share the SOFINA values: preserving the tradition of genuine craftsmanship.

The choice fell on the Gmunden ceramics factory in the Salzkammergut, founded in 1492. Located on the idyllic Lake Traunsee, ceramics from Gmundner have been synonymous with Austrian table culture for centuries. Their unique ceramic production process is so historically influenced that it has been an intangible UNESCO World Heritage Site since May 2021.

The use of old ceramic shapes, such as the “Weitling” bowl or the shape of the rural hoop bowl, is also historic; these were used for the first time over 200 years ago. The typical Gmundner green of the pomegranate motif, Omera green, also follows the preservation of tradition. Omera was already used centuries ago in the Gmunden factory to paint ceramics.

Like SOFINA porcelain, Gmundner ceramics are also made from natural raw materials. Another parallel to Sofinadesign is the complete production in the in-house factory; From creating the plaster molds to casting, cleaning, deburring and blurring, each individual piece is processed by hand in up to 60 steps. The glazing is done with a white glaze, which, unlike the conventional transparent glaze, ensures a particularly intense, deep gloss. In the next step, the motifs, designed by SOFINA, are applied. This form of painting is done freehand with a brush.