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Fireproof mold, "Animals in the Forest"

Fireproof, hand-painted, rectangular shape from the new ceramic series "Animals in the Forest". This combines the design of SOFINA with the handcraft of the Austrian Gmundner Keramik. The “Animals in the Forest” motifs were designed by SOFINA and are available in the color “Omera Green”.


Painted free hand. Made in Austria

Item number: K10/03
Color: Omera green

Product Information

Like SOFINA porcelain, Gmundner ceramics are also made from natural raw materials. The raw materials feldspar, quartz and kaolin are also sourced from the Westerwald in Germany and processed into the ceramic mass according to the Gmund recipe. Another parallel to Sofinadesign is the complete production in the in-house factory; From creating the plaster molds to casting, cleaning, deburring and blurring, each individual piece is processed by hand in up to 60 steps.

The glazing is done with a white glaze, which, unlike the conventional transparent glaze, ensures a particularly intense, deep gloss. In the next step, the motifs, designed by SOFINA, are applied. This form of painting is done freehand with a brush, as in the SOFINA porcelain series, and requires special skill and a steady hand. In the final step, the pieces are fired twice for 16 hours at 1020 and 1070 degrees.