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Summer Cocktails – the best way into the evening, cocktail hour

Summer Cocktails – der schönste Weg in den Abend, die Cocktailstunde
Long evenings, warm air and the most beautiful sunsets, we think summer has so many beautiful aspects that it's worth toasting. In our Sofina cocktail hour today we serve:
Summer Berry Splash
White Lemonade
Summer Berry Splash (per glass):

2cl Lillet and 4cl Wild Berry Lemonade e.g. Schweppes. Add frozen cassisberries or raspberries, depending on your preference, some fresh mint and ice cubes.

White Lemonade (syrup):

5 lemons, 2 limes, 2 tablespoons rose water, 1 bunch of Moroccan mint, 10 tablespoons sugar and water.

A syrup is made from the juice of limes and lemons. To do this, the juice is mixed with rose water and then the sugar is dissolved in it. The syrup is then poured with mineral water depending on the intensity of the taste and served with mint and ice cubes - a wonderful refreshment for everyone.

The set of drinking glasses with the diamond/flower decor as well as the matching carafes in all colors can be found here.

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The Power of Flowers

The Power of Flowers

Warmhalteplatte aus poliertem Aluminium handgemacht - Funktional & edel!

Warmhalteplatte aus poliertem Aluminium handgemacht - Funktional & edel!

SOFINA x Gmundner Keramik – das Zusammentreffen der Traditionen des Handwerks.

SOFINA x Gmundner Keramik – the meeting of craft traditions.


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